BOWERBIRD half-coverlet
L: 160cm
W: 84cm

“The old Dutch clock ticks loudly in the corner, and the clatter of the loom makes friendly answer.”
- Eliza Calvert Hall, A Book of Hand-Woven Coverlets, 1912

Each piece in this collection has been woven and finished by hand on a historic loom in North London. Made to order from soft, undyed cotton and British lambswool, the half-coverlet has been designed to have ample room to nestle under, but still be small enough to wear as a shawl when padding downstairs at 3am to make a cup of tea. 
The dancing motifs of the coverlet have been faithfully replicated from 18th & 19th century patterns, lost to history and industrialisation, and unearthed as part of a project of 'textile archeology', hereby exploring the role of the textile as heirloom, and these threads that connect us through time. 
Please bear in mind that each coverlet is unique. Due to the handmade nature of these items and the natural behaviour of fibres in the finishing process, the exact dimensions provided for these coverlets are provided as a guide only.